Charles Fracchia

About Me

Me in front of the Power7 Cluster running IBM's Watson computer
I'm a graduate student in the Medialab program at the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT. My goal is to explore the interface between Digital Fabrication, Biology and EE/CS to create technologies that facilitate a paradigm shift in how biological technologies are generated. Some of my research is in collaboration with the Church lab at the Wyss Institute of Harvard Medical School.

I graduated from Imperial College London in biology with a year in industry. My industrial placement was spent with Ginkgo Bioworks , a leading startup company from MIT in the field of synthetic biology.
As part of my thesis at Imperial College London, I engineered bacteria to respond to a chemical stimulus in an electronic-friendly fashion allowing faster and easier collection of data directly from living organisms. This work was started in the Ellis lab and was continued through the summer of 2011 at IBM Research in Hawthorne, NY.

Other past activities include creating BioBright: a biotech startup, being part of the Imperial College iGEM team, create bioengineered inks and help establish the BOSSLAB.

In my free time I enjoy cinema, italian and flemish renaissance paintings such as those painted by Caravaggio and Van Eyk and Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture. I have also a large interest in hobby electronics and 3D printing. home).


2011   Resume  (PDF 122kb)